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Forum Contest Update

The first 100 people to sign up as members of the JAH Community Pet Forum have the option to receive their choice of:

  • 4lb. bag of Purina Pro Plan Kitten food

  • 6lb. bag of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food

  • Puppy or kitten book on which contains information on how to train, a place to record your pet's shot record and detailed information on poisonous plants & pet diseases.

Take advantage of Jennings Animal Hospital's current promotions!

  •  $25 rebate coupon which can be redeemed by saving the weight circles from 12 lbs (total) of Purina Pro Plan kitten food or 40lbs (total) of Purina Pro Plan puppy food.

  • By saving and redeeming  the weight circles from selected Purina Pro Plan products, you can receive up to $14.00 rebate on puppy or $12.00 rebate on kitten food. An additional $5 coupon will be mailed with the rebate.  *The weight circle from your free bag of food can be applied toward the rebate* Contact Cindy at Jennings Animal Hospital for more information.

 *Puppy or Kitten Kits must be picked up at Jennings Animal Hospital or phone JAH to make arrangements for pick up.  No items will be mailed!

 *Stop by JAH Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 -5:30 or Saturday 8:00-12:00 and mention the Username that you use on this forum and a special "code" that will be sent to you by Private Message (PM) via the forum to receive your free bag of food. JAH will keep a list of the first 100 members who will receive a free bag of food.

Special thanks to Purina for making this offer possible!      

Welcome to the Jennings Animal Hospital Community Pet Forum

Welcome to the JAH Community Pet Forum!  We hope you will join us in making the Community Pet Forum a great place to network with other pet lovers in the area! We are excited to sponsor this community forum as a service to Jennings LA and the surrounding area. All Louisiana residents are welcome, although the forum is designed to create a more "close knit" environment for pet enthusiasts within a 50 mile radius of Jennings including the Lake Charles & Lafayette areas. (We feel this is a reasonable distance to travel to shelters, go to fund raising events and even search for lost and found pets). This is offered as a "community" pet forum. You do not need to be a client of Jennings Animal Hospital to participate!  Anyone can view the forum but you will need to register and login in order to post. Please read the Forum Rules & Safety Tips before posting!

The Community Pet Forum is designed to help local residents find & reunite with lost pets, report found pets and network with other pet owners in the area.  Louisiana Animal Rescue Groups and Animal Shelters are encouraged to post news, photos, events & fund raisers.  Pet owners are welcome to share advice and experiences with other members or just stop in and chat with other pet lovers in our area! Members are encouraged to share their pet's photos & videos with us or leave a memorial in our Rainbow Bridge Forum dedicated to our pets that have crossed to the other side.

Please Remember:
If you are looking for your lost pet, please be sure to visit your local Animal Shelter's in person. This forum is an internet tool to aid in locating a missing pet, it is not a substitute for looking for your pet in person. It's also a good idea to list a lost pet or to check for a found pet in your local newspapers, rescue websites and at the very popular, & websites!

The success of the forum is dependent on community pet enthusiasts, membership & participation so please consider joining us at the JAH Community Pet Forum! 

Please pass this information on to friends, rescues, shelters or anyone that you think may be interested.
Most importantly, please pass on the forum link to pet owners who have lost their pet!

Please do not use this forum to attempt to diagnose or treat your pet. Your veterinarian is the best source of health advice for an individual pet. If you have a health issue with your pet, please contact Jennings Animal Hospital at (337)824-6551 to make an appointment. If you are located in Estherwood you can contact Claws & Hooves Animal Hospital at (337)783-7629. 

This is offered as a "community" pet forum. You do not need to be a client of Jennings Animal Hospital to participate.  Anyone can view the forum but you will need to register and login in order to post.

Joining the JAH Forum does not subscribe you to the JAH Mailing List!
 If you are a JAH client and would like to subscribe to the JAH mailing list, you will need to fill out the form here.

Help support the Community Pet Forum!  We have created two flyer's that can be printed & passed out to friends, family, coworkers & clients if you would like to use them. When printed there are two flyer's per sheet of paper.
Black & White pet forum flyer
Color pet forum flyer

If you have a website and would like to link to The Community Pet Forum please use one of the following banners, although just a text link would be wonderful too!  Rescue Groups &  Animal Shelters are welcome to contact the Forum Admin to have your banner or link placed on this page. (You can post your banner in the forum too).
All other members who wish to exchange a link please contact the Forum Admin for reciprocal link exchange.

To use one of these banners, simply copy the HTML code below the banner of your choice, then copy and paste it into your HTML page (you may need to be in HTML view in some web page editors).
Thank you for your support of the JAH Community Pet Forum!

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Last Updated: 03/11/2010